Managed Print Services

In your ongoing quest to maximize productivity and drive down costs, you might be surprised by the savings and greater competitive advantage you can achieve with a fully optimized and well-managed printing and imaging environment. In fact, studies have shown that managing your fleet holistically can save you up to 30% on your printing costs. And the savings increase exponentially when the scope of work includes automating your paper-intensive workflows. This is what ServTouch Managed Print Services (MPS) is all about.

So, whether you’re interested in reducing environmental waste, increasing productivity while lowering overall costs, or freeing up capital to drive innovation, there’s proven value in outsourcing the management of your print environment to ServTouch.

ServTouch Managed Print Services is a comprehensive suite of customizable solutions that span the office, production, and commercial environments. It offers you a range of leading-edge imaging and printing devices (HP, Ricoh, Samsung and Canon), network print management software, supplies, support, professional services, and document workflow solutions. Through MPS, you can achieve a cost-effective, secure, and highly flexible environment whether your employees are in the office, at home, or on the go.

MANAGED PRINT SERVICES delivers the following benefits:

  • Assessment: including solution design & optimization
  • Optimization: of the hardcopy deployment to maximize productivity & reduce costs
  • Life-cycle management of printers, scanners, MFPs
  • Proactive hardcopy device repair & maintenance
  • Proactive consumables replenishment
  • Help desk & technical support for hardcopy devices
  • Education & end-user training
  • Real-time fleet usage monitoring & reporting
  • Formalized reporting on operations, fleet performance, SLAs, KPIs
  • Consolidated billing & contract management

Our MPS Approach:
Our differentiated yet proven approach to Managed Print Services (MPS) is based on these 4 core areas and we categorize our services and deliverables at each stage.

  1. Infrastructure Optimization
  2. Proactive Management
  3. Reduce Print Volumes
  4. Business Optimization – “Smart” MPS

We approach MPS very differently from typical programs that only focus on device consolidation and click charges. Our program takes customers to a much higher level of engagement. We take customers into business process improvement, either gradually or right away, with their output infrastructure only as the platform, with managing business critical documents and content even before it’s printed as primary. This is what we call Strategic Print Services.
As we work through the various phases, you will see how these three areas come together as a complete MPS program that takes the customer to the highest level of improvement, benefits and cost reduction.

Strategic Print Services: Enterprise Content Management

Today, office staffs are swamped with information that goes beyond traditional “documents,” including emails, faxes, scanned documents and pages saved from the Internet, as well as traditional documents generated by the organisation. A Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) is the traffic cop that brings order to this chaos: organizing it by client or matter, categorizing the types of documents you have and directing them to the proper place, and retrieving them in the matter of seconds, for business critical needs.

Business Challenge : Information Capture Bottlenecks

Between the manual steps required for pre- and post-scan processing, wide variety of document types, employee training issues and limited network bandwidth in remote locations, many businesses struggle to capture printed information and retrieve it easily when needed. The different “locations” or “fields” to capture is yet another tedious exercise to customise according to various documents.

Solution overview

Our solution, scalable from basic to enterprise level, enables an MFP to capture that automatically classify and route documents, while extracting key information for file naming and indexing using its lead-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI). The result is a simpler and easier capture process for users, requiring little training and repetitive “re-zoning”. Plus, our serverless & templateless technology runs straight on the MFP, saving the cost and management of an additional server and keeping all activity within your network and behind your firewall.


  • Expedites business processes by quickly getting data from documents to back-end systems
  • Minimizes processing costs by reducing the number of manual steps and redundant error checks
  • Lowers investment and reduces administrative burdens by using serverless & templateless technology embedded on the MFP
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors by automatically extracting indexing data
  • Facilitates compliance and enhances customer service by accelerating information retrieval
  • Simplifies capture process by eliminating manual setup for each document type