What is a Workflow System?

A Workflow System(WFS) is a system that allows individuals to collaborate and automate business processes. WFS gives you a complete picture of the workflow and is able to monitor tasks to ensure compliance, performance and successful handoff. You’ll get to know which processes are in place, which ones are slowing you down and which processes require your attention.

How it Can benefit you

1. WFS ensures that all steps have been completed correctly (especially areas typically prone to human oversight) and ensure that checkpoints are met before moving forward.

2. You no longer have to open cabinets full of files to find the document you are looking for. Paper chasing is virtually eliminated, thus reducing wastage and improves productivity.

3. Staff can instantly check the status of an item. No more calling different people to find out which stage of production an item is at.

4. Full recording of data allows for future analysis to fine-tune processes and reward deserving staff.